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Setting of standards is a critical part of education, licencing and certification. Setting standards is a methodology used to define levels of achievement and proficiency in any field of medicine.

Although regional anaesthesia has been practiced over a century across the globe, setting of standards and certification has been slow. Various international societies have attempted to set standards in training and practice. These attempts had led to an improvement in safety standards and appropriate assessment of training in this highly super-specialized branch of anaesthesia.

In short, setting of standards matter.

Regional anaesthesia has to be learnt in a systematic way. There needs to be a robost authority for the assessment of basic and advanced level knowledge of the subject.

With this vision, Indian diploma in regional anaesthesia (IDRA) has been introduced jointly by Indian College of Anaesthetists (ICA) and Interventional Perioperative Sonography Association (IPSA) to achieve the objective of establishing and assessing the standards of regional anaesthesia practice in India.

IDRA workshop and examinations will be hosted by Interventional Perioperative Sonography Association (IPSA), under the esteemed auspices of ICA, a nationally recognized body in the practice of anaesthesia. The diploma will be granted by the Indian College of Anaesthesiologists.

The aim of IDRA is to determine a candidate’s elementary and higher knowledge of the subject. Keeping this in sight, the diploma will be conducted in two parts:

PART 1: Basic knowledge and skills (click here for details of part 1)

PART 2: Advanced knowledge and applications (click here for details of part 2)

The IDRA examination will take place each year at the IPSA annual workshop in February. The examination will be conducted once in a year. To achieve complete certification, it would take a minimum of two years to complete the examination, provided the candidate clears the examination in first go.

This is not a competitive examination. So all or none can clear the examination. The aim of this examination is to recognize the basic and advance knowledge as well as skills required to safely perform the practice of regional anaesthesia with available equipment. This examination will also focus on the safety standards required to practice regional anaesthesia with limited resources.


Message by President ICA

Message by President Designate ICA

Who can attend

Anaesthesiologists, including PGS and DNBs; Intensivists, Pain Physicians


Basic Course -
Knobology, Hands on Scanning of various ultrasound guided nerve blocks, Supraclavicular, Interscalene, Axillary, Femoral, Sciatic, TAP, PVB, Vascular access, VET Lab for hands on, Needle-eye coordination practice.

Advance Course -
Infraclavicular blocks, Peripheral blocks of upper and lower limb, PECS, Abdominal plexus, Spinal Sonography, FAST, FATE, Airway.

8th Workshop New Delhi, India
16th-17th February 2019

Organised by

Interventional Perioperative Sonography Association

Interventional Perioperative Sonography Association and Deptt. of Anaesthesia, Max Super Speciallity Hospital, Saket, New Delhi, India


8th Workshop
Max Super Speciallity Hospital,Saket,
New Delhi, India