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IDRA 2018

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Who can attend

Anaesthesiologists, including PGS and DNBs; Intensivists, Pain Physicians


Basic Course -
Knobology, Hands on Scanning of various ultrasound guided nerve blocks, Supraclavicular, Interscalene, Axillary, Femoral, Sciatic, TAP, PVB, Vascular access, VET Lab for hands on, Needle-eye coordination practice.

Advance Course -
Infraclavicular blocks, Peripheral blocks of upper and lower limb, PECS, Abdominal plexus, Spinal Sonography, FAST, FATE, Airway.

7th Workshop Kolkata, India
17th-18th February 2018

Organised by

Interventional Perioperative Sonography Association

Interventional Perioperative Sonography Association


7th Workshop
Premashrya Auditorium,
Tata Medical Centre - DC Block(New Town), Action Area I, Opp. Techno India College,