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IDRA 2019

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Who can attend

Anaesthesiologists, including PGS and DNBs; Intensivists, Pain Physicians


Basic Course -
Knobology, Hands on Scanning of various ultrasound guided nerve blocks, Supraclavicular, Interscalene, Axillary, Femoral, Sciatic, TAP, PVB, Vascular access, VET Lab for hands on, Needle-eye coordination practice.

Advance Course -
Infraclavicular blocks, Peripheral blocks of upper and lower limb, PECS, Abdominal plexus, Spinal Sonography, FAST, FATE, Airway.

8th Workshop New Delhi, India
16th-17th February 2019

Organised by

Interventional Perioperative Sonography Association

Interventional Perioperative Sonography Association and Deptt. of Anaesthesia, Max Super Speciallity Hospital, Saket, New Delhi, India


8th Workshop
Max Super Speciallity Hospital,Saket,
New Delhi, India